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      Star Science Fiction 3 & 4 (a selection)

         © 1954 & 1958



       CLARKE, Arthur C. (CA)
       DEL REY, Lester (DL)
       DICK, Philip K. (DP)
       KORNBLUTH, Cyril M. (KC)
       LEIBER, Fritz (LF)
       OLIVER, Chad (OC)
       VANCE, Jack (VJ)
       WILLIAMSON, Jack (WJ)



ISBN: 3 453 30397 2
YEAR: 1976
FORMAT: paperback
LANGUAGE: german


Yoma Cap


       Atelier Heinrichs, München
       Photo: Granada Publ. Ltd., London


Hirten der Tiefe:
"The Deep Range" by A. C. Clarke

A futuristic cowboy story, just that it's not cattle but whales to take care of, and not coyotes but sharks that cause the trouble. Naturally, there are no dogs, but trained dolphins.

"Alien" by L. Del Rey

Two seamen witness the emergency landing of an alien spaceship out on the sea. Unfortunaly, the spaceship crashes into their boat and they find themselves stranded on a small island together with the alien. After some time, the alien manages to call his comrades from outer spaces and takes with him one of the seamen, who is very ill. The other one now can decide whether to stay behind, or join the aliens.

Gibt es noch mehr von ihrer Sorte?
"Any More At Home Like You" by C. Oliver

An alien crashes his spaceship into a hill just outside Los Angeles. He is being interviewed and questioned by the police and authorities, who believe he is an ambassador from a superior civilastion. In order to be left alone, he decides to join the game. Still, he is not an ambassador ...

Advent auf Kanal Zwölf:
"The Advent On Channel Twelve" by C. M. Kornbluth

A little story about cartoons being used to manipulate the minds of consumers.

Der Teufel auf der Segensklippe:
"The Devil On Salvation Bluff" by J. Vance

The devil in case is a clock, symbol for ar orderly life as we know it. However, the people in this story colonise a planet, that defies all regularity. Everything seems to happen whenever it wants to. The inhabitants of the planet seem to accustomed to it, the colonists however can't cope with that chaos. Until they lose their devil.
A little story about the fact that you should try and fit in with anew environment, rather than trying shaping it to your needs.

"Space-Time For Springers" by F. Leiber

What if cats where very intelligent until a point, where they see themselves forced to throw their mind into one of those yet unspeaking, unthinking little human kids?

Foster, Du bist tot:
"Forster, You're Dead" by P K. Dick

A story about a time, where the most money is made with the fear people have. Another poremonition by P.K.D. ? Fosters parents can't afford to buy a bunker, just like everyone else, so the boy lives on constant fear.

"Helping Hand" by L. Del Rey

Man meets aliens on the moon. The aliens are traders but, as usual, some military dopeheads on earth decide it's best to go up there and show them charlie.

"Guinevere For Everybody" by J. Williamson

The perfect product is not always the best product. Although this female robot that constantly asks for stuff made by the same company that manufactured her is pretty scary.

Note: The translator is probably austrian.