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      Pulsar 1
© 1978



       VOGT, A.E. van
       LANGFORD, David
       WATSON, Ian
       TAYLOR, John
       EVANS, Christopher
       ASIMOV, Isaac
       SHAW, Bob
       BOYCE, Chris
       CONEY, Michael
       GOOCH, Stan
       SAXTON, Josephine
       CARTER, Angela
       SMITH, David
       WELLS, H.G.



ISBN: 0 14 00 4279 2
YEAR: 1978
FORMAT: paperback
LANGUAGE: english




       Adrian Chesterman


Death Talk:
By A. E. van Vogt / 1978

138 so called "linds" float above a "captured" planet. In each lind there are one officer, who is the boss, one technician, with limited rights and a servant. The servants are hostages from the "captured" planet, ensuring regular food supply from the surface and good behaviour. One technician however doen't really like the situation and decides to change it ...

A basic feature is "computer feedback awareness of body reactions", transmitted by a computer directly into your hearing system. So you know, when you get angry and take action against it.

The Still Small Voice Inside:
By D. Langford / 1978

David Langford thinks several steps ahead of the aforementioned "voice in your ear" and talks about different uses like crime prevention etc. He predicts it to be in everyones ear by the end of the 20th century. Well, it didn't happen.

Immune Dreams:
By I. Watson / 1978

Dreaming as a means to cure illnesses.

Infectious Science:
By J. Taylor / 1978

John Taylor examines the ideas behind Watsons story and how, if at all, the mind could cure the body.

The Time Travellers:
By C. Evans and I. Asimov / 1978

An interview with Isaac Asimov. They talk about Astounding and Amazing, John Campbell, Scientology, Foundation and about the fact, that science-fiction"is the only form of literature that gets people accustomed to the inevitability of change".

Small World:
By B. Shaw / 1978

A large, spherical space-city, with the habitats on the inside of the shell. Gangs of youngsters in the different, separated habitats who try to impress themselves, the older kids and the those of the other gangs by bridgeing the gap between the habitats, running "through space" ...

The Skytank Portfolio:
By C. Boyce / 1978

Boyce is taking Shaws idea of space-habitats into the professional realm, by thinking up a whole set of economical uses of habitats and how it would be possible to finance and refinance the stuff ...

In Search of Professor Greatrex © 1978 (CM):
By M. Coney / 1978

A scientists claimed that the difference bewteen ethnic groups and man/woman were genetical, and the human race can only be made equal, if the ethnic groups were forced to mix and mingle ...

Once More, With Feeling:
By S. Gooch / 1978

Stan Gooch dissembles the theories of Prof. Greatrex and arrives at this: the difference between man and woman is intellect and intuiton. Man is intellectual, woman is intuitonal and both is equally valuable.

Woe, Blight, And In Heaven, Laughs: A Grim Household Tale:
By J. SAxton / 1978

Several lines of narrative blend into one story Here. The live of the writer, her daydreams and the story she is writing all interweave into a modern type of fairy tale.

The World As Text: The Post-literate World As Meta-narrative © 1978 (CA):
By A. Carter / 1978

Carter says that "words are not the bricks of which literature is built. Ideas expressed as images are the bricks of which literature is built". She says that a new form of narrative will be developed, which is not necesserily composed of written or spoken word or images. Actually, she is quite right, if we look at computer games today. Narratives, that can be altered and, as Carter put it "experienced".

Introduction To 'Foretelling The Future':
By D. Smith / 1978

Foretelling The Future:
By H. G. Wells / 1938

An esseay.