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      An Affair With Genius
© 1969



       GREEN, Joseph



ISBN: none / WTB 0118
YEAR: 1970
FORMAT: paperback
LANGUAGE: german


Hans-Ulrich Nichau


       Eyke Volkmer

Stories included in this book:

Experiment Genius

A story about genetically modified people with higher brain capacity, the resistance and "racial" issues arising from a mixed population and the question what is more important, to feed the people on earth or to travel to the stars.

Der Liebestunnel
"Tunnel of Love"

A story about a civilization on a far away planet with a weird wedding proceedure: The male "contestants" have to crawl through a tunnel, only three ever come out. In reality, the tunnel is a large medical scanner, installed by the ancestors of said civilization.

Der Tanz der Katzen
"Dance of the Cats"

A story about a planet with two different species, where one has control over the other by means of telepathy. The society is highly dictatoric but the leader has noticed that and plans to change it, there freeing not only the other other, but also her own species.

Einmal um Arkturus
"Once around Arcturus"

Our protagonists falls in love with a woman from another species on another planet. He goes through a ritual combining strength and intelligence to be allowed to marry her ...

Der Ingenieur
"The Engineer"

The protagonist enters a mental parallel universe for the means of therapy. At one point in time, he has to decide whether he wants to stay in the imaginary world or return to reality ...

Ein Zweikampf
"Single Combat"

Another story in which a human protagonists is visiting a far away planet with a less developed species. He becomes the king of one tribe, securing his position with psi-powers, until one of the enemies with similar powers appears ...


On a far away planet dwells a race of man-like people who can feed on sunlight. The first human settlers standed on the planet by accident and had to fall back to cannibalism to survive ...

Der Befehlshaber
"The Decision Makers" / 1965

Human settlers on other planets are following the principle that if they find an intelligent race on any planet, the planet belongs to that race and the humans must leave. What if they find out later and what if the detected species is decidedly different from our own? And what if the economical interest in the planets ressources is immense?

Zwei Welten
"An Affair with Genius"
It's basically love story on a far away planet, where the two intellectual lovers can only find together in a life-threatening situation.