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LAST UPDATE: 22.02.2010               
HOUDINI NATION 2030 - A Museum for Science Fiction Literature

I will create a museum somewhere in Germany, that is entirely devoted to science fiction literature.

This means:

- books in different languages

- manuscripts

- original cover art

- information on authors, artists, publishers

The museum will have three sections:

- Houdini Nation (all books read by myself)

- Collection (books not yet read)

- Special (changing exhibition)

All are open to the public and may be used as a reference library by scholars of science fiction.

There will be events:

- readings

- roundtables

- auctions

- workshops

Concept stage: 01.01.2007


Q: Why would anyone opening a museum centered around science fiction concentrate on the literature, i.e. the printed word?

A: Basically because I think that's where the origins of science fiction are. The movies are great, but those are being taken care of by the producing companies and many many fans. And other museums.

Q: The artwork is something that would be interesting to look at. Why not focus on that?

A: Good point. There are a few artists that are well known among illustrators and science fiction fans. However, the artwork generally displayed includes space-ships, rockets, planets and almost nude chicks with huge breasts and guys that look like Schwarzenegger. See what I mean? So my focus here will be on different types of artwork.

Q: Is that going to be interesting to visit, your museum?

A: Depends on your interests. Some museums are more interesting than others, I suppose. I'm still trying to figure out, how the literature could be displayed in an interesting fashion. I still got some time.

Q: Speaking of time, when will the museum open?

A: I'm planning for 2030. A real Sci-Fi date, don't you think?



Donate books:

Tommi Brem
Laubering 26
89233 Neu-Ulm

Note: Please send only books that are in good condition and check with this website if the book is already listed.

Donate money:

Donate money by buying reading time, or by purchasing from the shop .

Promote the site:

Come here often and link to Houdini Nation. That alone would make me very happy.

Supply exclusive content:

If you have in depth information on science fiction literature or think you'd be a good person to be interviewed, give me a shout. If you write science fiction yourself, why not supply me with some exclusive treats? That'd be nice.

Well, so much for begging. Thanks for the attention (or "andacht" as the dutch put it.)

Yours, Tommi.