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The illustrator Eyke Volkmer was born in Istanbul, Turkey in the 1030ies. His parents were german. His youth brought him to Berlin during the WW2 and later to Bavaria at the end of the war. After the war he lived in Bremen and returned to Munich to study graphic design, while the rest of his family moved back to Istanbul.

While studying, he joined the Atelier Lorenz in Munich, where he started illustrating the covers of science fiction books published by Goldmann, namely the Zukunftsromane (blue/orange covers). When he left Lorenz, he took his client with him.

His style is very unique, which was pushed by Wilhelm Goldmann, who said that he wanted book covers which were different from the other publications at the time. When Volkmer brought in his designs, Goldmann once remarked: "It doesn't look like that in outer space!" Nevertheless, Volkmer designed the first 163 paperbacks of the series "Weltraum Taschenbücher".

Today, Volkmer lives in Munich and is enjoying life.

An interview with Eyke Volkmer was published as Houdini Nation bulletin. It can be accessed here:

Houdini Nation Bulletins


The special exhibition of all 163 copies of "Goldmann Weltraum Taschenbücher" is online here:

Eyke Volkmer - Untergang der ErdeEyke Volkmer - Herold im AllEyke Volkmer - Bürgerin des MarsEyke Volkmer - Homunkulus 2072Eyke Volkmer - Das Tor zur anderen WeltEyke Volkmer - Die Denkmaschine

Eyke Volkmer - Die gefangene Erde
Eyke Volkmer - Die KobaltblumeEyke Volkmer - Die MenschenfalleEyke Volkmer - Stadt zwischen den PlanetenEyke Volkmer - Sperrzone MondEyke Volkmer - Ferne Sterne

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Eyke Volkmer - Welt auf neuen Bahnen
Eyke Volkmer - Der Sechste MondEyke Volkmer - Die blendendweiße SonneEyke Volkmer - Hauptgewinn: Die ErdeEyke Volkmer - Andere Welten, andere MeereEyke Volkmer - Das Jahr der Stillen Sonne

Eyke Volkmer - Gigant Hirn
Eyke Volkmer - Experiment GeniusEyke Volkmer - Der Gott der PerfektionCover of Zehn Jahre nach dem BlitzCover of Der fiebernde PlanetCover of Der fiebernde Planet (Zukunftsroman)

Cover of Flucht zu den Sternen
Cover of Wing 4Cover of Inseln im AllCover of Auch sie sind Menschen (Weltraumtaschenbuch)Cover of Auch sie sind Menschen (Zukunftsroman)Cover of Die Kobaltblume (Zukunftsroman)